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K9P  Special Event Station!

September 25, 2021 - 8am to 5 pm Central

Special Call Sign - K9P


( To save this certificate for printing, right-click your mouse and click "save as". Look in your download your certificate & thanks for the contact!  )


20 meters 14.055 14.305 14.074
40 meters 7.080 7.285 7.074


The Peshtigo Fire Special Event marks the 150th anniversary of the Great Peshtigo Fire. Your contact with our special event station entitles you to our certificate, downloadable HERE.

The Peshtigo Fire occurred around the town of Peshtigo in northeastern Wisconsin on October 8, 1871, the same day that the Great Chicago Fire began. Historically, the Peshtigo Fire has been somewhat overshadowed by the Great Chicago Fire, though the Peshtigo Fire covered a much greater area and had many more fatalities. The Peshtigo Fire burned 1,875 square miles and destroyed twelve communities, killing between 1,200 and 2,500 people. The fire is thought to have been caused by small fires used for land-clearing that blew out of control and created a firestorm.



Time Mode Operator Call Sign
7-8 am phone  Steve K9STT
7-8 am cw    
8-9 am phone    
8-9 am cw    
9-10 am phone  Dave NS9R
9-10 am cw    
10-11 am phone  Dave NS9R
10-11 am cw    
11-12 am phone    
11-12 am cw    
12-1 pm phone    
12-1 pm cw    
1-2 pm phone  Pete AB9PJ
1-2 pm cw  Phil W3TOS
2-3 pm phone    
2-3 pm cw    
3-4 pm phone    
3-4 pm cw    
4-5 pm phone    
4-5 pm cw    


Please sign up for your preferred time slot, don't forget to check the mode you want to operate. I tried to set the form up to allow multiple time slots, but it wouldn't let me do that, so you will need to fill out one form for each hour you want to operate - I know, it's a real pain.